Tree Appraisals and Valuation

Tree Appraisals and ValuationIn many situations there is a need to place a value on trees that have been damaged or destroyed. These situations include, but are not limited to, insurance claims for storm damaged trees, illegally removed trees (trespass), damage from vehicles, damage from construction, and fire damage. BFS has performed more than 800 tree appraisals – some cases involving one tree and others involving hundreds of trees. We determine the appraised value of trees using the guidelines outlined in the Council of Tree & Landscape Appraisers Guide to Plant Appraisal, 9th Edition. In many cases the damaged or destroyed tree can be replaced with a tree of like kind and place. To determine the appraised value of these trees the Replacement Cost Method is used as outlined in the Guide to Plant Appraisal. In other cases, the trees are too large to be replaced and either the Trunk Formula Method or a modified version of the Replacement Cost Method is used. In cases where an annual income is derived from trees (e.g. – Fruit or nut tree orchards, Christmas tree farms, etc.) the Income Approach is used.

Under “Workshops”, you can download a powerpoint presentation on appraisals given by Chris Barneycastle to the Georgia Arborist Association

Tree Inspections and Evaluations

Tree Inspections and EvaluationsHomeowners and other property owners with trees as a part of the landscape should have their trees inspected on a periodic basis to determine the health, condition, and risk potential of the trees.  Trees are inspected for insect and disease problems, structural problems, decay, and other aspects that may cause the tree(s) to be a potential risk. A written report is provided with species, diameter, condition description, risk potential and recommendations.

Expert Witness Testimony

Tree Appraisals Expert Witness TestimonyMany times there are situations with trees (neighbor disputes, trespass, injury or fatality from a failed tree, etc.) that end up in litigation. Chris Barneycastle has 15 years of experience with providing expert witness testimony having been involved in 60+ cases that have ended up in litigation. Most of the cases have involved disputes about tree appraisals/valuation.

Urban Tree Inventories and Forest Management Plans

Urban Tree Inventories and Forest Management PlansMany counties and cities have Tree Preservation Ordinances that require an inventory of trees on building and development sites, particularly trees that are “specimen size” (24 – 30 inch diameter). BFS has conducted many specimen tree inventories for builders and developers and have saved them thousands of dollars in tree recompense by insuring the trees meet the size and condition requirements as specified in the ordinances. BFS has also conducted tree inventories for city parks, land trust properties, and on other urban forest to determine the number, size, species and condition of the trees on these urban forests. In most cases, a management plan is also written with a summary of the inventory findings and recommendations for management and enhancement of the urban forest.

Educational Workshops

Tree Appraisal and Valuation Educational WorkshopsChris Barneycastle has given many presentations and conducted numerous workshops on many aspects of arboriculture. Topics have included Tree Risk Assessment, Proper Pruning, Tree Appraisals, Benefits of Trees, Urban Forest Inventories and Management Plans.